Sunday, February 19, 2012


Cellulike Backup Services announced the launch of their new range of Wifi products and Cellphone Backup service in India.

CELLULIKE, the Super insurer of Cell phone data, headquartered in UK , having its Registered office at 10-8 International Commercial Centre, Casemates Square, Gibraltar which now holds the trust of millions across the globe has interred India in association with Cellulike Backup Services, (A Division of New Horizons Career Channel Pvt. Ltd) Registered Office India: A41, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi – 110024, India HO: C-8,3rd floor, Vishal Enclave, New Delhi-110027, Zonal Office-South: S11,1st floor, Alladin Mansion, Begumpet,Hyderabad-16, India Zonal Office-East: BG-126, Ground Floor, Saltlake, Sector – 2, Kolkata – 700091, India and Zonal Office-West: Plot 15, New Mahada Colony, Thane, Maharashtra.


  • No cables needed, over-the-air backup; Cellulike is a wireless system for your phone to backup and restore data.
  • Remote Lock / Unlock function with compatible phones; you can remotely Lock/Unlock you phone in case of mobile theft so that no one can access your personnel data.
  • Finally, the system is designed to detect the unique serial number of your phone; (IMEI Number). This will allow your phone service provider to lock your phone and helps you in Launching a police complain as well.
  • CELLULIKE is compatible with almost all branded mobile phones consisting more than 1100 different models Certified across 25 major mobile phone manufacturers, still continuing more...


  • You can take snaps of your important documents like passport, driving License, PAN Card, and Credit/Debit Cards and make a backup of it and when you need it in urgency you can login to your account and get back it immediately. 
  • Smart phones have a very common problem of hanging and virus, since your data is safely backed up with cellulike, you can now do a soft formatting of you mobile phone yourself and restore back your data again. No need to go to service centre and pay extra money and time for this, soft formatting codes are available online for almost every mobile model


The Company’s mission is to provide an inexpensive, simple, hassle free service to protect our customers from the consequences of having their mobile phones lost or stolen by firstly establishing a secure way in which information from the lost or stolen hand set can be preserved and transferred to a new cell phones, thus reducing the inconvenience that the loss or theft might otherwise cause. Secondly, by establishing a mechanism whereby the lost or stolen cell phone can be disabled, thus reducing the likelihood of fraud or theft. Our team’s aim is to provide such service on a all India basis with an aim ultimately to reach all mobile phone users and mobile communication devices, irrespective of their make or model with our line of products.


Security aspect of the product has been in built into the Application from the ground up.

1) The Cellulike® servers are cloud based, which means that the likelihood of the service going down or being unavailable for any period is very low.

2) Cellulike® has 3 different data centre’s handling all our data which means that if one data centre is unavailable, the next one automatically and seamlessly assumes control. (Cloud servers were first introduced to the main stream by Google.)

3) Cellulike® uses the same principles in order to guarantee uptime.

4) Cellulike® uses 256 BIT SSL certificates for the transfer of data to and from the user device to our servers. This means that no one can read user data as it passes over the internet.

5) Most Banks and Credit card companies use 128 bit encryption as that's sufficient enough security, BUT WE LIKE TO BE ABSOLUTELY SURE.

6) Account passwords are also encrypted within our database, which means that no one at Cellulike® can access the user passwords, NOT EVEN DATABASE ADMINISTRATORS.

7) For Server side security, the current servers, by default, use the latest PHP 5.2 which has ‘register globals’ and allow URL_include turned off. This prevents remote code inclusion and various code poisoning.


No matter at what pace the world is progressing the Indian subcontinent is still continues to hold on to its strong growth in Telecom and IT Industry. Our Ideas cropped up & innovation helped us in translating ideas into products. Our sustained efforts helped us to develop a new product – Cellulike Wifi & Hotspot Devices

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