Friday, February 17, 2012


‘I Love My Tiranga’ is an initiative started by Mumbai resident Khalid Qureshi to  promote the Indian  Tricolor Flag. 
He decided to run from Mumbai to New Delhi, a distance of over 1,900 km, carrying the Tiranga, to encourage, inspire and enthuse every Indian (as well as religious and educational institutions), to love the Tiranga, and proudly display it every day.

Tiranga in Every Home

Journey so far…..
Khalid started his run on January, 2012 carrying the flag handed over to him by his parents at Gateway of India. On this day he visited Haji Ali, Mahim Church, Sanyas Ashram and Guruwara (Four Bunglow) and presented flags and received blessings. He halted at Andheri. Next day, he reached Borivli and was received by more than 50 senior citizens from Puspa Maa Foundation at Veer Savarkar Park. He was also blessed by other 120 senior citizens (IC Colony) who pledged to keep Tiranga at home. He started  from Borivli on 28th January to reach Vasai. On 29th January, 9 cyclist from Borivli and 20 bikers from Vasai joined Khalid in the run. In the evening, he reached Manor for night halt. Next day (30th January), he reached Dahanu. On route, travelers stopped by, greeted him, wished him good luck and offered help to Khalid. At Vapi, he interacted with Teams of Big Bazaar, visited Swaminarayan temple for blessings and presented flags.

On 14th February, Khalid visited Central Jail at Baroda and met more than 700 inmates  and interacted with them sharing his mission. Since 26th January, from Mumbai to Baroda, enroute he visited 9 schools and 20 religious places and presented flags to each of them. He addressed and shared his mission with more than 11,000 people. He distributed more than 1300 flags during his run till Baroda till February 14, 2012. He has covered a distance of 701 kms from Mumbai to Baroda visting various education, religious and other supporters’ gatherings and interaction platforms.

Khalid Qureshi is a Senior Ticket Checker at Western Railways. He has been the highest  revenue earner in his department for 6 years. His father is also a retired Divisional Chief Ticket Inspector and has 2 other brothers working as Ticket Checker and another brother is a Commercial Clerk working in Western Railways. He stays with his family including wife, children, brothers and their family and parents. One day while he was discussing his and his family’s achievements and trophies at home, he realized that they had everything at home except a Tiranga. Two years ago, Khalid, conceived a bold vision, to popularize a cause very dear to his heart - Tiranga.

Khalid’s question to all Indians is “Why is it that our flag is unfurled only when we win at cricket, or on national days, or during anti-corruption rallies? We should be proud to display it every day and not just wait for an occasion! We have all the luxuries and necessities at home but not Tiranga”

His initiative ‘I Love My Tiranga’ has been started with a mission to have a ‘Tiranga in Every Home’.

As a representation of love and respect for our country, Indian Flag can be hoisted in every house. Tiranga stands for our Indian Culture, Charms, Truth, and Simplicity of our Country, Power, Unity and Energy. These values have to be inculcated in every child, youth and individual in India. Keeping Tiranga at home will build in character of every Indian.

This initiative has been supported by many individuals and groups. He has also received support from Future Group. His Official Health, Fitness, Diet and Training Partner is Dr. Sheel from Fitness Factor Academy of Fitness Training.

Join Khalid to promote ‘Tiranga in Every Home’.

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