Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Auto India Award Winners 2012

The year 2011 saw rather modest growth in the Indian automobile industry. Though it was not a great year sales-wise, the slow growth resulted in more intense competition among brands; this is reflected in the results of this year’s Auto India Best Brands Awards, which differ considerably from  the last. Companies handled their marketing strategies differently and the competition manifested itself in better after-sales service, various promotional events, and several new product launches, some of which contributed to the changing image of brands. All this had a hand in changing the perception of the prospective buyer who had, despite the slump, many vehicles to choose from. What makes one person buy one brand and another a different one? Various factors come into play here, including budget, user requirements, and so on but the image of the brand in the consumer’s mind is probably a vital factor as far as choice is concerned.
This is the fifth year Auto India and its sister magazine, Business India published a questionnaire in several of their issues. As many as 1746 respondents filled out the questionnaire, giving their views and thoughts. These are first-hand findings from actual, potential and knowledgeable consumers – who are probably more aware about brands and trends as they are readers of Auto India, a magazine that has been shaping opinions and empowering readers for almost 19 years now.  All the finding were analysed and then presented at a function held on the 17th of April at Tote on the Turf, Racecourse, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. All the deserving winners were awarded and rewarded for the hard work that they have put into building their respective brands. 
Famous Indian rock star Gary Lawyer gave a power packed performance at the event attended by the cognoscenti and the glitterati of the city of Mumbai, and more importantly senior  representatives from most automotive manufacturers who were very pleased that the awards were based solely on the views of consumers, Many manufacturers were of the opinion that the awards would better acquaint them with the needs and aspirations of customers.  Awards were given in several categories including - Most Reliable, Best Quality, Best Safety,  Best Customer Service, Advanced technology, etc.  

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