Friday, May 4, 2012


Shri Ajai Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director, Corporation Bank, announced the performance highlights of the Bank immediately after the adoption of financial results for Q4 / year ended 31st March 2012 by the Board of Directors. 

Milestone Achievements during FY 2011-12

The Bank  reached an impressive business figure of Rs.236,611 crore of Business
The Bank crossed milestone advances figure of Rs.100, 000 crore
The Bank achieved  the milestone Net profit figure of Rs.1,506.04  crore for the first time
The Bank reached milestone Branch Network figure of 1500
The Bank’s network spread across 6164 functional Units
1500  Branches, 1274 ATMs  & 3390 Branchless  Banking Units
During the year, the Bank opened 139 Branches, 24 ATMs and 890 Branchless  Banking Units

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